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City of Miami Campaigning to Become Next Tech Hub

As folks are exiting San Francisco and New York due to COVID-19 uncertainty and unreasonable living costs, Miami is racing to capitalize on the shift…

​And the mayor is leading the effort: Mayor Francis Suarez is young, hip, and cool. He’s open-mined and embracing of entrepreneurship, cutting edge tech, and crypto! He’s meeting with or engaging all of the heavy-hitting influencers: Dave Portnoy from Barstool sports, Anthony Pompliano & the Winklevosses, and even tweeting with Elon Musk about building road under the city to combat traffic. Miami has long held the stigma as a haven for retirees or just a swing-thru party & vacation spot. But Miami has it’s infamous tropical weather along with it’s low-tax business climate to leverage. Some major investors have already moved there: Founders Fund, Blumberg Capital, & Alpaca VC. Are you next?

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