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Our History

Explore the history of Net Impact Philadelphia

Our History

Net Impact Philadelphia has been a dynamic force in driving positive change within the Philadelphia community since the late 2000s. Our roots run deep, and over the years, we have left a lasting mark on the local landscape.

Our impact is evident through a myriad of events that have shaped our journey. From engaging happy hours and sustainability-themed dinners to thought-provoking symposiums, enriching conferences, eye-opening tours, and transformative Board Fellows programs, we have continuously strived to offer a diverse range of opportunities for growth, learning, and collaboration.

Beyond this, we've embraced our responsibility to address crucial societal issues head-on. Our initiatives span from tackling food scarcity to spearheading social impact projects that touch the lives of many. As we reflect on our history, we're proud of the path we've paved and excited for the future we continue to shape.

Net Impact Philadelphia has always been more than an organization—it's a catalyst for positive change, a platform for shared passions, and a community that thrives on making a difference. Join us as we build on our legacy and create an even brighter future for the Philadelphia Region.

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