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Board Fellows

The Net Impact Board Fellows Program places highly motivated professionals on the boards of highly impactful organizations with a social or environmental mission for six-months to one-year. During the program, board fellows work on a project proposed by their organization, receive mentorship, and gain firsthand experience in the non-profit sector. Board Fellows and host organizations are matched according to organization need, professional experience, and mission interest alignment.

Prospective Board Fellows:

With access to mentoring, professional development, and a supportive community, Board Fellows develop crucial leadership skills, expand their network, and make a positive impact in the non-profit community.


As a Board Fellow, you will:

  • Work closely with a non-profit organization's board of directors

  • Attend meetings

  • Complete a project based on the needs of the organization 

  • Contribute your perspectives

  • Gain insights into governance and strategic decision-making

Prospective Non-Profits:

The Board Fellows program offers non-profit organizations the opportunity to foster and inspire leaders.


While hosting a Board Fellow, your board will:


  • Receive advice on a project of your choosing

  • Gain a fresh perspective and new ideas

  • Provide mentorship to a board fellow

  • Build a foundation for the next generation of board leadership


Participating Organizations

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For more information please contact: 

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